Tracing, due diligence and locating services

Basic tracing and verification services

We can find out who the person is behind the name before you enter into a commitment, invest or enter into a relationship or if you want to check out a person before you enter into a high-risk business venture with them or leaving your kids with them.

We can check if they have criminal records if their bank accounts are theirs and active and can verify their identity, qualifications, licenses, registration status amongst other things.

ID number verification: R 20

Basic credit check (consent needed from person to be checked)


Tracing a number : R100
Name to ID number : R100

(OSINT) Social media screening

places checked – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube
Price : R 300 – 350

Court case records: R 100

Marital status: R 100

Trace report: Revealing, phone numbers, addresses and employers of the subject :
R 250

Reports should be available within 48 hrs after the request is finalized.

Advanced tracing services and missing/wanted person locating

We use online search tools, police databases, public records, trace bank accounts, number locations and all crime information systems available to us to get as much information about the missing person once these have failed an actual investigation will need to take place to locate the suspects or missing person.

We send agents who are trained in missing person investigations and the physical tracing of suspects.Here field agents use informants, collaborate with other agencies, visit every place the subject could be and follow every lead. Agents get in their vehicles and go find the suspect or missing person and physically confirm their location. They don’t stop until there are no leads left.