About the Director 

Hi, my name is Haroon Sader, I’m an Investigator, consultant, and owner of Sader Investigations. I have a Diploma in Policing from UNISA and PSIRA Grade A.  For a year or so I’ve assisted the police, businesses and private clients. After considering various career options, I decided that opening up my own practice would be a good idea.

I’ve investigated cheaters, suspects, and various criminals.  With a high solve rate.  My job is to find out information my client has the right to know.  Maybe you want to know who has been calling you with a masked number, or maybe you suspect your partner of cheating or want to catch a suspect or find out who is behind a certain crime. Maybe you want to track someone down or want a confidential investigation to be carried out. These things are my specialty. My headquarters are in Dundee, KZN, but I and my agents operate throughout Northern Kwa-Zulu-Natal, Newcastle , Ladysmith, Vryheid and surrounding,

Yours sincerely,

Haroon Sader, Investigator

Diploma in Policing (UNISA)

PSIRA : 2807549

Sader Investigations is a PSIRA registered security service provider : 2885616